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Please note all class with anita will now be held at Soul Bliss studio in Barrington

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Our next teachers training will start September 9th and 10th

A new session of yoga teachers training will be held as Silver Lotus Yoga Studio in Wauconda.   Our training is of the Himalayan tradition following a lineage that goes back to the ancient roots and principles of the purest teachings of Yoga.  Please message me for details or go to the teachers training page


Please note:  To get to the info page or classes page you must first go to the teachers training page then go into the classes or info page. Apologies for the inconvenience


Lotus Yoga Centre was originally founded by Shirley Walter under the direction of Swami Rama in 1972.  Shirley  studied under Swami Rama from 1969 until his death in 1996.   Swami Rama trained Shirley to teach yoga and meditation in her Rolling Meadows home until a property was purchased in Glenview, IL. which became the headquarters for the Himalayan Institute of Yoga Science and Philosophy.   Shirley as director created the teachers training program and has certified hundreds of yoga instructors.  Lotus Yoga Centre moved to Lake Zurich, IL where Anita Maher went through that training with Shirley in 2004 and in 2010 when Shirley decided she was ready to retire she trained Anita to become the director of Lotus Yoga Centre.  In February of 2011 Anita and Shirley certified the first class of yoga instructors with Anita as the new director.

My light doesn’t shine bigger than anybody else’s.  Kindle the light in other people, so we shine together.  the light from all of us will transform the darkness of ignorance and greed in our world into compassion and joy.  Lily Yeh

         Congratulations!!! class of 2016!!

embrace the light!